Student Learning Outcomes

Student Project

Title Advisor Students
Financial and Non-Financial Factors Affecting Demand for Real Estate Tsai, Ying-Che Tsai, Hsin-Pei
Cross-asset technical indicators and stock index futures return predictability Lee, Hsiu-Chuan Yin, Yin-Chun
Relationship Between Personal Traits of Branch Managers and Operational Risk Loss Chang, Hsin-Hue Mo, Tsai-Ling
Investor's Attention and Abnormal Returns of Carbon Emissions Events Huang, Kuo-Cheng Zheng, Sheng-Yan
Analysis for the extension of collateral loan Wu, Wei-Hua Huang, Kuan-Hsun
How do the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and Carbon Fees Affect Firm Value? From the Perspective of Industry Categories and Board of Directors Wang, Yu-Chun Xie, Si-Yi
A Study on the Seasonal Effect of Lottery Stock Returns in the Taiwan Stock Market Wang, Zi-May Wang, Zi-Yuan
Causality Analysis of the Cryptocurrency Market Hsu, Chih-Hsiang Chou, Pei-Chen
Title Advisor Students
The Impact of Investor Sentiment on the Volatiliy and Prediction of the Taiwan Stock Market Lee, Yun-Huan Zhang, Zi-Yu
Strike while the housing market is hot. A test of the housing bubble under the impact of COVID-19 Wang, Yu Chun Li, Yi-Zhen
A study on within-firm pay inequality Zhang, Tai-Wei Lin, Ya-Fang
Corporate Social Responsibility, Debt Financing and Market Response Huang, Kuo-Cheng Huang, Ji-Ting
Title Advisor Students
The Analysis of Investment Effects of Environmental, Social, and Governance ETFs Kao,  Tzu-Min Du, Xiao-Qi
Investigation on Internet-Only Bank Performance Chang,  Hsin-Hue Jian,  Yi-Han
The study of unrealized gain or loss and lottery anomaly in Taiwan stock market Wang,  Zi-May Huang, Li-Ting
The attention-grabbing effect, arbitrage limits and MAX effect Wang,  Zi-May Huang, Xuan-Yi
Title Advisor Students
The relationship between short selling activities,lottery characteristics and stock returns in Taiwan stock market Wang, Zi-May Yu, Hsi-Hsing
Investor sentiment, the US dollar index and Index stock funds explore metal futures rices Lee, Yun-Huan Shih, Yun
The relationship between media attention And convertible bond conversion premium Chiu, Li-Ching Lee,Cheng-En
The relationship between MAX premium and market volatility in Taiwan stock market Wang, Zi-May Li, Cheng-han
A Study of Association between the Corporate Governance Evaluation Effect and Analyst Coverage Huang, Kuo-Cheng Huang, Hsin-Hui
Title Advisor Students
Short-run Stock Performance of Initial Public Offerings Based on Sentiment Analysis Lee, Yun-Chi Wu, Han-Ru
The Effect of Inclusion of China's A-Shares in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index ~Evidence from Related ETF in Taiwan Huang, Kuo-Cheng Lin, Pin-Yun
The Economic Cycle, the Sales of Lottery and the Return Comovement Among Lottery Stocks in Taiwan Stock Market Wang, Zhi-May Jiang, Zhi-Shun
Central Bank's Monetary Policy Communication and Market sentiment analysis Kao, Tzu-Min Tung, Yu-Ru
A Research of the Key Factors Affecting Retailers' Using Intention of Mobile Payment - Taking Shilin Night Market as an Example Chang, Shu-Lien Kuo, Fang-Yu
The Application of Machine Learning Model : Use Future Return, Technical Analysis and Investor Sentiment Lee, Hsiu-Chuan Chen, Xi-An
The study on the market-filtering rule of price-persistence: China-related stocks Lee, Chung-Jung Huang, Rui-Yang
An analysis of the relationship between corporate governance, news exposure and abnormal return of IPO Lee, Yun-Huan Huang, Hao-June
Title Advisor Students
Stock liquidity,family ownership and stock price crash risk Wang, Zi-May Chang,Chun-Wei
Study of  stylized facts of financial crisis Kao, Tzu-Min Li,Yu-Jie

To explore the reasoning behind the separate impacts of income effect and schooling effect on health status

Tsai, Ying-Che Lin,Chin-Chen
Investor Heterogeneity and stock returns Lee,Hsiu-Chuan Hsieh,Yi-Shin
The impact of exposure index and financial index on initial public offerings Lee,Yun-Huan Lu,Wan-Lin
Title Advisor Students
The impact of loosening price limit on market quality in Taiwan stock market Wang, Zi-May Liu, Chao-Ting
Exploration trends and attitudes of stakeholders toward financial technology Kao, Tzu-Min Chou, Ting-Yu
The impact of the share repurchase of family controlled firms on stock price Hsu, Chih-Hsiang Chang, Ya-Yuan
Sensitivity analysis and stress test:case study on labor retirement fund of Taiwan Cheng, Chang-Chun Jiang,Yi-Ting
The causal connection between health-specific overconfidence and demand for life insurance Tsai, Ying-Che Chung, Erh-Ying
The effects of institutional ownership stability on real earnings management Chiu,Li-Ching Chen,Chun-An
The relationship between visibility of websites and VIX on abnormal returns of IPO firms Lee, Yun-Huan Wei, Yi-Chi
Title Advisor Students
Return Comovements and Diversification Benefits: Evidence from NDF Markets Lee, Hsiu-Chuan Tung, Bau-Ying
The relationship between financial development and economic growth Wang, Lie-Huey Liu, Shih-Yun
The relationship between U.S. dollar index and  commodity future markets. Wu, Man-Hwa Wang, Chih-Yuan
A study on abnormal returns of IPO firms around the 2008 financial crisis Lee, Yun-Huan Chang, Yu-Ping
The information content of share repurchase programs Zhang, Tai-Wei Hsu, Chia-Ming
The effects of foreign institutional ownership stability on real earnings management Chiu,Li-Ching Lai,Hong-Yu
Information Transmission between ADRs and their underlying stocks---A Case Study of H-shares of Hong Kong Hsu, Chih-Hsiang You, Chih-Lin
The causal connection between subjective or objective health status and wealth Tsai, Ying-Che Liu, Chia-Hao
The study of commonality on short selling in Taiwan stock market Liao, Tzu-Hsiang Chen, Yi-Ru
The impact of repealing short-sales restriction below the last closing price on short selling and price efficiency Wang, Zi-May Huang, Wei-Rou
Japanese Candlestick Theory on Futures Day-Trading:Evidence from the E-mini S&P500 Index Futures Wang, Zi-May Chen, Jia-Ching
Title Advisor Students
The impact of overconfidence and risk averse on demand for life insurance Tsai, Ying-Che Huang, Shiuan-Ting
The relationship between the level of innovative cultural creative commodities and the customers' value Chang, Shu-Lien Wu Jia-Yi
The impact of repealing short-sales restriction below the last closing price on market quality of small-cap stocks Wang, Zi-May You Yi-Kai
The Impact of Media Report on the Volatility and Return of Initial Public Offering Stocks Lu, Yang-Cheng Li Yi-Hung
Title Advisor Students
The causal connection between health-specific overconfidence and investment behaviour

Tsai, Ying-Che

Lin, Meng-Jen
The relationship between genetic risk and demand for life insurance Yang, Chung-Jen Lai, Ya-Shi
The impact of board share collateralization and board compensation on firm performance Chiu,Li-Ching Jian,Ru-Ying