Future Prospects for Graduates

Since its establishment, the Department of Finance has prepared students to contribute their knowledge and skills to financial management. An analytical undergraduate concentration designed to prime business students for expertise in the world of finance. Finance experts are among the most valued employees in any corporation. From investments and portfolio work to corporate strategy and financial services, this concentration exposes students to the world of finance and assists them in adding value to companies through a sound understanding of the field.

Department of Finance devotes efforts to the following:

  • Analyze data and argument, as informed by interdisciplinary approaches to financial management.
  • Conduct condensed certificate program designed to prepare undergraduate finance students for the domestic financial certificates.
  • Recognize the need for information in professional and finance contexts and to responsibly access, evaluate and apply information using a wide variety of research tools.
  • Develop strategies for organizational challenges using financial theory, principles, ethical reasoning and innovative approaches.
Career Opportunities

    Finance opens all kinds of doors. After students obtain their degree, they have quite broad choices for their future. One will be pursuing further studies; the training in our program enables students to engage in advanced studies and conduct research. The other option will be joining the job market right away. Typically, the graduates of our department work with financial holding companies, banks, or firms engaged in securities, insurance, real estate, and so on. Their jobs can be related to investment planning, wealth management, financial product proposal and marketing. They are also capable to work as corporate financial accountants or corporate financial managers.

Future Career

    The careers of our graduates are extensive. Department alumni are engaged in financial holding companies, banks, securities and futures firms, insurance companies, investment trust companies, investment advising firms and other companies engaged in investment planning, wealth management and financial planning, product marketing and so on. If students are interested in corporate finance, they may engage in accounting or financial management jobs.