Brief History


     The Department of Finance aims to cultivate professionals who are future leaders in banking- and security-related industries. To cultivate superior talents for this purpose, the core of our curriculum focuses on corporate finance, financial derivatives, portfolio management, behavioral finance, and financial data analysis. We also emphasize teamwork abilities, effective communication skills, and global perspective. In addition, the Department of Finance places considerable emphasis on students’ practical skills by providing them with intern programs in banking, security, insurance, and finance-related companies in Taiwan, Mainland China, or other countries. To enhance students’ global perspective, the Department of Finance also provides international student exchange programs such that students can learn different cultures from around the world. Well-organized course design, high-quality professors, as well as abundant international financial databases, resources, and equipment support our goals. Owing to the Department of Finance’s comprehensive training program, alumni from our department, spread across all realms in Taiwan as well as abroad, have contributed much to the development of financial industries.

August 1991

The department is officially named Department of Financial Management.

August 1994

The Graduate School of Financial Management was established for full-time students.

August 1996

The department changed its name to Department of Finance for the  undergraduate program.

August 1997

The undergraduate program and the graduate school were combined, and the graduate program changed its name to graduate school in the Department of Finance. 

August 1999

The graduate school of Department of Finance recruited students already employed in banking- and security-related industries for an EMBA track.

August 2014

The Department of Finance offered two academic tracks: Finance Concentration and International Financial Management Concentration, for students enrolled in the undergraduate program.

August 2016

The Department of Finance provided “FinTech Focused Course Program” and “Corporate Governance and CSR Focused Course Program” for undergraduate students.

August 2023

The Department of Finance provided “Sustainable Finance Focused Course Program”, "Digital Finance Focused Course Program" , and “Intelligent Investment Focused Course Program” for undergraduate students.