Features of the Department of Finance  

       In response to rapid changes of financial markets, the mission of the Department of Finance at Ming Chuan University is to cultivate a full range of qualified financial professionals with the competences of: (1) Ethics (2) Communication, (3) Global Perspectives and (4) Critical Thinking.

     Core Courses focus on financial products innovation and investment decisions, corporate financial management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), finance data processing and analysis, and international financial market investment. The Department has built the Integrated Financial Lab as a platform for learning trading and better understanding the association between practice and theory. In addition to the core curriculum, we encourage students to participate in internships and pre-employment training, in order to assist them to learn how to apply professional disciplines of knowledge to the actual workplace.

     In response to the wave of financial technology and the internationalization, the curriculum for undergraduate and graduate programs integrates international finance and financial technology; however, the weighting of the emphasis area and content are adjusted due to different learning objectives for different degrees. For undergraduates, we also offer three Focused Course Programs which are "Financial Internet and Big Data Analysis Focused Course Program", "International Finance and Innovative Management Focused Course Program and "Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Focused Course Program”. 

      The conventional graduate program focuses on advanced management through courses such as Financial Econometrics, Financial Derivatives, Corporate Finance, and Financial Technology Management. The curriculum framework is designed to integrate Finance, Technology and Data Analysis.

     The executive graduate program includes Financial Technology Management in the course design. Lectures utilize case study method to allow more discussion and participation during the class time. The training enables students to integrate their experience in the lecture in a very practical way that can be very meaningful in their current job position.

    In addition to the academic courses and professional financial certifications, interactive reports and case studies can promote the abilities of teamwork, communication and presentations skills. Dual-taught courses with faculty from industry teaching alongside academics, practice in the finance workplaces and visiting enterprises enables students to build practical experience in the industry. The careers of graduation students are very extensive. Graduating students can be engaged in financial holding companies, banks, securities and futures, insurance, investment trust, investment adviser and other companies engaged in investment planning, wealth management and financial planning, product marketing and so on. Our curriculum design emphasizes integration of theory and practice. Through the training and learning experiences, students will foster abilities and knowledge from three fields - finance, information technology and data analysis – during their study period.


     Our department built the Integrated Financial Lab to create a professional teaching environment. In the lab, we incorporate various databases provided by Taiwan vendors as well as those from globally famous database vendors, including: TEJ, CMoney, Datastream and so on. We utilize the lab and those databases in teaching select courses. Students are able to learn not only theories, but through this lab, they get chances to approach the market to gain some “real” experience. Faculty members also benefit from those databases to broaden their research topics and also do deeper studies. This will increase their publications and enhance the substance of their teaching.

FinTech Laboratory

     In response to current technology developments, Big Data Analysis, Robotic Wealth Management, the Department of Finance at Ming Chuan University established FinTech Laboratory to better prepare its students to meets the needs of the financial industry. This Lab guides students to experience technology and finance, working closely with industry. Indeed, through academia-industry cooperation projects, our department is able to assist industry with upgrades which, in turn, allows us to integrate better with industry. Moreover, the Lab provides opportunity to conduct practical training for students in terms of financial trading and operations capabilities.  This is beneficial for students in their future job applications.

   The FinTech Lab simulates the actual mode of operations and trading environment in the field of finance, so FinTech-related courses can be more effectively taught here.  Diverse units are included in the structure of the Lab, such as Academia-Industry Collaboration and Practical Training Promotion Section, Data Analysis and Applications Unit, Innovative Service Model Management Unit, and Recruiting Unit. In order to cultivate strength in research and execution, students and faculty actively participate in projects as well as competitions. Moreover, the Lab will employ a mentor-apprentice system to provide guidance for students who are interested in entering the field of Financial Technology.